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Friday, August 1, 2008

I'v e MOVED !!

Hello guys.. my digi-scrap has a new home kindly visit me at JENNY SAID SO.... SEE you there!

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Sweet easter Kit >>>FREEBIE

Hey you guys easter is just around the corner and I know any of you are having Easter egg hunting for kids and for sure there will be tons of photos again. This kit from Salada Da Vida is perfect for all those photos.

You can grab them for free at HER BLOG HERE. Don't forget to say thank you when you snag it. 

It's good to be sure

Geez I’m glad I am staying here in Australia. My bro and sis are very generous to have me here. Bro-inl-aw , Joe is running his own business. He makes laminated kitchen benchtops and it’s a niche market and it seems to do very well . His business comprises of 8 employees in a factory in local suburb.

Entailed with that business are worker’s compensation, registration fees, taxes and full comprehensive to vehicle insurance. He has 3 vehicle n his company: 2 utilities and 1 truck,. He has truck insurance which covers accidental damage from his driver from crashing to somebody else or somebody else crashing to him. Full comprehensive insure in his vehicles is imperative bec. if his truck bec. for any length of time he can’t use it he will loose money . Not only he has insurance to his vehicles but as well for his factory. If somebody will break in, his insurance co. will cover the machineries and trucks to his factory.

And if you are in UK you can get lots of different insurances at HGV Insurance like Truck Insurance, Home Insurance, Pet, Van and man more. It’s one stop insurance site that you can count on. For more info you can check them out. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I miss digiscrapping!!!

Yes, i really do, i just envy my co-digiscrappers bec. they have new layouts and new kits purchased. I was hoppin' around some digi sites and gosh i wanted to buy some kits but I was able to control myself from buying since I can't use it here anyway.

I hope when i get back in Pinas on April I can continue to scrap again. Right now, I am contented on looking at digi layouts and freebie kits. Ahhh i can't wait to scrap soon..

I'm dying to have this!!!

Just take a look at this very cute kit from Ondesigns, isn't it gorgeous??? Geez, i would really love to have this but i am still controlling myself. 

This kit is from OneDesigns and you can purchase it at it was only $6.00 and actually it was on sale the other week for only $4.50. So if you want to have this KIT NO. 14 grab it now HERE AT scrapbookgraphics

Saturday, March 1, 2008

A great resource

I’m enjoying my stay here at the Land Down Under and in no time I will be back home soon. Anyway, I have some time to go online and check out lots of stuff over the Internet. Aside from digi kits that I saw there is a great resource webste for American who’s having a hard time with their credits like bad credit credit cards and more. Users can compare credit cards on the market today for bad credit . They also provide links to their online applications for easier info and transactions. 

Friday, February 22, 2008

Box it up

I had time goin to some digi sites tonight and i was so amazed on some f the layouts that i found. I just saw some layouts using these boxes form Maya Studio. I can't wait to get back on my own pc and started doing my layouts again. Geez there are so many inspirations out there that can put my mojo back.

Here are the boxes that is not for free but can be purchased at STUDIO GIRLS by Maya...
Oh bTW it costs $5.50
Image Hosted by

Facing Bankruptcy???

Aren’t bills just keep on coming?? I know some people may find it hard to pay all their bills ofn due time bec. sometimes they spend more than what they earn and that I think will spark the problem. You could go on vacation, go on a shopping spree, spoil your self by eating gourmet foods and dining at 5 star restaurants but have you re -access your financial wallet these days? Luckily, I have not been engaged to a major financial burden bec. i try to keep my budgeting reasonable by any means. 

I know it is stressful when money is tight and the bills are there, we can’t just abandon them and forget about them, that’s not the way to deal with it. For those that are needing help about debt, there is a Debt Management website that you can look into esp. if you are living in the UK. This would be a great help esp. if you are facing bankruptcy, you don’t want that to happen right? So all you have to do is evaluate your finances, make some adjustments, and if you need help you know where to go to. They will be the ones to make arrangements for you and your creditors. There are many options that you can look into anyway. 

Ribbons Galore

Ahhhh don't we all love ribbons on all our layouts???? I personally LOVE them!!! so everytime i see a freebie one i have to grab it. I just saw some from RINA i have to tell you all about it. She has lots of freebies on her blog that i know you will it too.

Here are just some, aren't they nice to give accent to our layouts??? Download them at RINA'S BLOG

Image Hosted by

Image Hosted by


In Britain today the cost of housing is one of the most expensive in the European Union. To own a property in London is beyond most people means. Even out in the counties you could be in debt up to your ebealls. Lots of Brits have Mortgages and most of them have mortgages and is trying to service this mortgages that is driving more the 41 % of Brits to budget every last pound. In my opinion budgeting is an essential part of any financial strategy that one must undertake to cautiously solve through t the financial seas that could be our retirement portfolio.

It is incumbent to one self to not only manage their portfolio but to budget their financial situation. Diversity in ones portfolio is similar to budgeting in your everyday situation u should not spend more than u can afford when it comes to your financial matters, diversify investment such as shares properties, bonds, etc. is the way to go to achieve a well balanced portfolio. But budgeting can be useful in our daily lives from purchasing milk, or bread or goin out of town. If a household has a budget they can see whatever last pound will be going. You budget for child school, house and mortgages.

Addicted to Love

Eventhough Valentine's day has passed I don't think that wwe should miss this very nice kit which is absolutely free from Joanna Cinnamon.

I know you will all love this kit of hers. GET IT AT HER BLOG., quick as POSSIBLE

Image Hosted by

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A good webhost

 My bro in law was setting up a website for his small business in Australia, he is not a computer wiz. He came across a site called web hosting choice and he told me that it was very informative. Easy to navigate, lots of informative information and not too technical so that he couldn’t understand it. He highly recommend it to me and he told me it was cheap as well.

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

FREEBIE ALERT: Patterned Papers

Ok saw these cute RUN ABC KIT patterned papers from digi treats and actually they are for FREE so grab them at her blog. Gosh i wish I can scrap right now. ~~~~~~~~~~Grab them HERE

A Free Consumer Resource

Hello guys, I have not been scrapping lately because I am so busy lately bec. I will be preparing for my Australian trip this Saturday. Anyway, I hope you are all having a great time scrapping. Anyway, just wanted to share this website that I came across, just in case you need bad credit loans just click on the link for more information. They have great resources for people who need to personal loans but having a hard time bec. they have bad credits. Other informative articles for home loans, car loans, credit card repairs are also available. Just check out the site.

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Life begins at 40?

Wow it's been too long since i scrapped. Just finished this digiscrapping layout yesterday and fyi I actually started since November after my birthday. Mojo has been hiding since then and I've become too busy with the holidays.

Life begins at 40? ... i have to figure that out
Circling Stitching by natali
Messy Stitches by FernLili's Digital Designs
Stitches by Kara Perrien designss
Bg paper by lemonaid Lucy
Ribbon lemonaid Lucy
Cardboard paper by Linda gb
Alphas by Birgit
Old watch by Mrs. Miles
Miniflower and sequin by KSKD designs
Flowers by Annie Manning (Paint the Moon designs)
Flower , button and carboard frame Christina Renee

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Save extra bucks

Wow can you imagine that there are only 25 more days left and it’s already Christmas. I am just really excited over it. I am not scrapping lately as i was so busy with other stuff but i hope i can scrap soon.
Anyway, Have you already started buying gifts for your loved ones? I do, but I still have more to buy since I have no idea yet what to give to them. I hope I will rush again in buying. Oh well I have other options bec. I can always shop online and I just found out that I can find coupon codes at for my favorite online store. I’ll have to check Target and HP stores for gift ideas and if ever I will see what I want I can get Target coupon codes or HP coupons too so that I can some bucks. I better check Coupon Chief now and look for gift ideas; you can do that as well.

Saturday, October 27, 2007

Harvest Spice collection

Image Hosted by
I just downloaded this very pretty kit from Shabby princess last night and i can't wait to use it. I just love the papers and those cute flowers and not to forget the alphas too, ohh the swirls.. oooppps i mean ALL! lol. It is not only perfect for fall pic but others as well. Hurry grab them at their website for download.

Download it at SHABBY PRINCESS

Find the right printer cartridge to print your layouts

Digi-scrappers would find it so fulfilling to see their works (layouts) already printed. Some may choose to have it printed in different sizes like 8x8, 12 x 12 or whatever size they feel like it. Brag books sizes also come in 4x6 or 5x7 sizes. I also recently just made mom her b-day invitation which is 5 x7 and I have printed at the photo processing shop here in our place.

But for some scrappers they would find it more easy and comfortable to print it on their own using their printers that can accommodate different sizes of photo papers. It may cost a bit more bec. of the cartridges but there are shops online that sell them at an affordable prices. Cartridge Finder will help you to look for your cartridge brand like Epson, Canon, HP, Lexmark or any brand just browse through their site that brand of printer that you are using. Click on the brand and you’ll get lots of info, model series and they will link you up to an available vendor making it easy for digiscrappers or any printer users to find their supplies.

Saturday, October 20, 2007

Feelin' Young at 39

Bg paper by Redju
Frame by sunscrap designs
Funky Flower Brights by Annie Manning (Paint the Moon designs)
Flower and button by Jessica Bolton
Ribbon Flower by Amy Martin
Pressed flower by Katie Pertiet
Ricrac , sequin by ksharonk designs
Circle stitching, staple, tied ribbon by Christina Renee
Button by Lindsay Jane
Tag by Herald’s Designs
Glitter Brush by Bren Boone
Multicoloured alpha by Gina Miller

Thursday, October 18, 2007

B-day Invitation

Today is my mom's 75 b-day and we thank the Lord for this wonderful blessings for her. She still looks young and still very active and quite healthy. We will give her a party on Sunday and we are actually busy preparing for the things we need. The boxes that my 2 sis abroad already came yesterday and today so we are very happy esp. mom.

Here is the invitation that i made for mom, i had it printed 5 x 7 and it turned out so nice. I also made a tarpaulin for her and i will just share it here once it is finished.

BG Paper by Bren Boon
Circle Stitched Ribbon by Christina Renee
Polaroid layered frame, staple, flower, journalers from CRD Signature kit by Christina Renee
Button by Jessica Bolton and Mindy Amour
Sparkle flowers by Michele Coleman
Funky Flowers by Annie Manning
Multi-colored and Chunky Alphas by Gina Miller
Chalk swirls by Amy Wolff
Circle stitches by Natali

Friday, October 12, 2007

Poor Bianca

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Just love this pic of my niece, it seems that she wanted to cry here or something.

It took me a while to finish the layout bec. I wanted to put many elements in here and the more i put the more it look crowded and dirty. I just settle with this.

Bg paper by Miriam Lima/Limabean Designs
Striped paper by Angela Niehaus
Curled Edges by Jessica Gordon
Hand stitched felt alpha by Dani Mogstad
Multi colored alpha by Gina Miller
Paint squiggles, dotted ribbon, paper flower, heart brad, straight stitch by Dani Mogstad
Ribbon flower, fuzzy stitched flower by Amy Martin
Cardboard by me (jennyL)
Old books by sunscrap designs
Tiny felt flower by Mary Giles
Stitches by Natali
Glitter brush, watercolour buttons by Bren Boone
Sequin flowers by Newlife designs
Notebook strip by Katie Pertiet
Funky floral by Mira Designs

Sunday, September 30, 2007

Posing for the cam


This is me and my nephew, we seldom have a photo together so this one is special

Background paper, stitching Polaroid layered frame, flower, staple, tag by Christina Renee
Aged Tag by Herald’s Designs
Circle stitching by Natali
Hinge, grid by ksharonkdesigns
Twisted Ribbon (recolored) by Mira
Wrap ribbon by Lemonaid Lucy
Button by Jessica Bolton
Chalk swirl by Amy Wolff
Alpha by Scarletheels

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Sweet 13

I had the time to make another layout the other day, actually I've been tweaking this layout for many days now bec. i don't seem to get the effect or the drama that i want to show. I just settle for this layout instead. This is my niece Micah Jey who turned 13 this year and she looks so cute in this pic.

Loving the flowers from Annie Manning

Paper from Be Kind 2 by Corina Nielsen
Pressed Flowers by Katie Pertiet
Funky Flowers by Annie Manning
Frame by Sunscrap designs
Bow ribbon (recolored) by Micheline Martin Designs and Christina Renee
Little mini flowers by Wendy Page
Cardboard by Linda GB
Tag by Herald’s designs
Staple, button by C. Renee
Beads on Pin by Tracy King
Nos. by Tracy Sims

Tuesday, September 4, 2007

RAK layouts for a friend

Agring's daughter Abby will celebrate it's 3rd birthday on the 18th and she asked us (Pinay Digiscrappers) to make some 5" x 7" guestsheets. There should be enough space for the guests to leave a message on the blank spaces. I never thought i will make one but when i started to look for the papers and elements, i finally made 2 layouts for her daughter. I am so glad that Agring liked what i made and she already printed it out.

These are my layouts:

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
Paper by Bren Boon
Frame by Sunscraps designs
Dymo date, buttons from Party Pants Kit by Miss Mint
Fancy Vine /Dancing Lines by JDesai
Paper flowers by Mitia Assef
Tied ribbon by C. Renee
“a” glitter alpha byVicki Stegal
3 felt number by Emily Merritt
Tag by Herald’s place
“Birthday” word, cupcake with candle, flower from DST b-day Glitz kit

My Second Layout

Thursday, August 30, 2007


This is me and my bestfriend Racel. We have been friends since we were in 2nd year in highschool and we are friends for over 20 years now.


No amount of words can express how lucky am I to be your
BESTFRIEND. We have been friends for over 20 years now and
still counting and that is a blessing and something to cherish
for a lifetime. It's always fun remembering how our friendship evolve through
the years. If i will be born again, i'd still choose you to be my friend.
May the Lord keep us both together and continue to bless us.
Thank you for your friendship and I love you BES !!!

Paper, Flower from Feelin’ Sassy Kit by Julie O
Skinny Mini Bow, Staple, Frames by Christina Renee
Heart ribbon, button from French Collab Countryside Kit by C. Renee and S. Princess
Clock from faraway Kit by Kskd Designs
Buttons by Tracy Collins and Christina Renee, and Jessica Bolton
White frame by Lindsay Jane Designs
Stamp frame by Sunstream designs
Big Photo Frame by Jackie Eckles
“Remember this” wordart by Ronna Penner
“Priceless” barcode by Shandy Vogt
Paper flower by Dani Mogstad
Sticker flower by Kathryn Mhire
Stitches by Redju
Handstamoed alpha by Michelle Coleman
Butterfly by Juillet
Brad by Amy Teets
Alpha by Birgit
Cardboard heart by me (jennyL)

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