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Saturday, June 16, 2007

My LOGO design printed on merchandisE at TSG!!

Teeeeheeee, i was browsing the net yesterday and i thought i'd visit the The Scrapping Garden store where I once sell my digital scrapbooking kit designs. I just resigned from the store just last week bec. i am too busy to include designing in my schedule.

Anyway, the Cafe Press is already open where you can buy stuffs life Shirts, Coffee Mugs, Tote/Scrapping Bags, Clocks and many others. I was really surprised to see my winning design (LOGO) already printed on their merchandise and i am so happy and delighted. It was the end of last year i think where we had a design making contest at the store and i won and the paid me for using the logo on their merchandise.

This is the design that i made using my "SWEET BIANCA" kit, isn't it cute?? (hehe)

Here are some of the stuffs where you can see the LOGO that i made, so everytime you see this design i am the one who made it hehe.. You can buy these stuffs at the Scrapping Garden Cafe Press.



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