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Friday, October 12, 2007

Poor Bianca

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Just love this pic of my niece, it seems that she wanted to cry here or something.

It took me a while to finish the layout bec. I wanted to put many elements in here and the more i put the more it look crowded and dirty. I just settle with this.

Bg paper by Miriam Lima/Limabean Designs
Striped paper by Angela Niehaus
Curled Edges by Jessica Gordon
Hand stitched felt alpha by Dani Mogstad
Multi colored alpha by Gina Miller
Paint squiggles, dotted ribbon, paper flower, heart brad, straight stitch by Dani Mogstad
Ribbon flower, fuzzy stitched flower by Amy Martin
Cardboard by me (jennyL)
Old books by sunscrap designs
Tiny felt flower by Mary Giles
Stitches by Natali
Glitter brush, watercolour buttons by Bren Boone
Sequin flowers by Newlife designs
Notebook strip by Katie Pertiet
Funky floral by Mira Designs


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