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Thursday, November 29, 2007

Save extra bucks

Wow can you imagine that there are only 25 more days left and it’s already Christmas. I am just really excited over it. I am not scrapping lately as i was so busy with other stuff but i hope i can scrap soon.
Anyway, Have you already started buying gifts for your loved ones? I do, but I still have more to buy since I have no idea yet what to give to them. I hope I will rush again in buying. Oh well I have other options bec. I can always shop online and I just found out that I can find coupon codes at for my favorite online store. I’ll have to check Target and HP stores for gift ideas and if ever I will see what I want I can get Target coupon codes or HP coupons too so that I can some bucks. I better check Coupon Chief now and look for gift ideas; you can do that as well.


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