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Friday, February 22, 2008


In Britain today the cost of housing is one of the most expensive in the European Union. To own a property in London is beyond most people means. Even out in the counties you could be in debt up to your ebealls. Lots of Brits have Mortgages and most of them have mortgages and is trying to service this mortgages that is driving more the 41 % of Brits to budget every last pound. In my opinion budgeting is an essential part of any financial strategy that one must undertake to cautiously solve through t the financial seas that could be our retirement portfolio.

It is incumbent to one self to not only manage their portfolio but to budget their financial situation. Diversity in ones portfolio is similar to budgeting in your everyday situation u should not spend more than u can afford when it comes to your financial matters, diversify investment such as shares properties, bonds, etc. is the way to go to achieve a well balanced portfolio. But budgeting can be useful in our daily lives from purchasing milk, or bread or goin out of town. If a household has a budget they can see whatever last pound will be going. You budget for child school, house and mortgages.


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