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Thursday, March 6, 2008

It's good to be sure

Geez I’m glad I am staying here in Australia. My bro and sis are very generous to have me here. Bro-inl-aw , Joe is running his own business. He makes laminated kitchen benchtops and it’s a niche market and it seems to do very well . His business comprises of 8 employees in a factory in local suburb.

Entailed with that business are worker’s compensation, registration fees, taxes and full comprehensive to vehicle insurance. He has 3 vehicle n his company: 2 utilities and 1 truck,. He has truck insurance which covers accidental damage from his driver from crashing to somebody else or somebody else crashing to him. Full comprehensive insure in his vehicles is imperative bec. if his truck bec. for any length of time he can’t use it he will loose money . Not only he has insurance to his vehicles but as well for his factory. If somebody will break in, his insurance co. will cover the machineries and trucks to his factory.

And if you are in UK you can get lots of different insurances at HGV Insurance like Truck Insurance, Home Insurance, Pet, Van and man more. It’s one stop insurance site that you can count on. For more info you can check them out. 


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